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About Us

About us

Reading Awareness Society for Development in Africa (RASDA)

Reading Awareness Society for Development in Africa (RASDA) is a non-governmental and non-profit making organization with an unquantifiable passion for the promotion of reading culture in Africa.

RASDA was established on January 18, 2007, and over the years, she has taken great and effective steps to rigorously campaign against the neglect of books especially by children and youths of Nigeria. The activities of RASDA has been centred on making all to see the importance of developing the culture of READING hence our slogan is….. READING BRINGS OUT THE STAR IN YOU.

Emeritus Prof. Ayo Banjo, former Vice-Chancellor, University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria gave the keynote address on the day of the launching of RASDA.


Our Vision

To promote a formidable reading culture among Africans through sustainable awareness campaigns

Our Mission

To be a dynamic channel of intellectual capacity building of Africa in placing the continent on its path of development in the world.
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President, RASDA

Mrs. Bukola Ladoja

Core Values

Core Value

Capacity Building






The Birth of the Vision

How it Started...

“In August, 2006, as I sat in the church auditorium on that Sunday morning, I watched the teenagers of my church come out in different designs of ‘adire’-the traditional tie and dye of the South-Western part of Nigeria.
The occasion was the thanksgiving service for their anniversary. It was a memorable day as the teenagers ministered in songs, drama and choreography.
In fact, they were wonderful. The theme of their anniversary was “GROOMING SUCCESSORS’ GENERATION NEXT.”
As I continued to watch with awe and admiration, suddenly, the Holy Spirit ministered to me. He showed me the youths beyond the enclave of my church to the teeming population of youths in Nigeria. The question the Holy Spirit was constantly putting in my mind was “ARE WE GROOMING QUALITY SUCCESSORS?”
Truly, the youths of today are the successors of tomorrow. They are the “Generation next”. Are youths of today quality successors of tomorrow? I mean, what is the state of their preparedness for them to be able to take over from the present generation of achievers spread across all professional strata? Are youths today genuinely ready for the take-over? Are they treading the path of the achievers of today in order to succeed them tomorrow?
In order to truly become an achiever tomorrow, you must genuinely prepare today. The qualities of achievers of note or repute we have today are products of the bold action and the giant steps they took years back. They took some bold steps in their formative years and at every other stage in life, and ended up in success. One major task in this preparation is reading. We need to develop an insatiable urge for reading in seeking for knowledge.

This was how our NGO-  Reading Awareness Society For Development in Africa (RASDA)’s vision was birthed.”

Our Objectives

Our Objectives