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Read to Lead Africa

The Read to Lead Reality TV Show is the concept of Reading Awareness Society for Development in Africa(RASDA) a Non-Governmental Organization founded in 2007 by Mrs. Bukola Ladoja, a psychologist, Journalist and author. The aim of the NGO is to promote a formidable reading culture in Africa through sustainable awareness campaigns. In its bid to take the rading crusade across Africa and into many homes as possible, the organization created the Read to Lead Africa TV project. Television is one of the greatest means of entering the homes of people you may never meet.

Vision of the Reality Show
To promote Reading Culture and Intellectual Development in Africa through a Reality TV Show.

Mission of the Reality Show
A Continent where every individual is intellectually developed and has a drive for reading.

Objectives of the Show
The Read to Lead Reality TV show has three main goals which are:

  • To improve reading culture in Africa and propel development
  • To build a strong foundation for leadership in Africa
  • To build a dominantly literate African continent
Read to Lead TV reality show

Some videos from our past editions